Ten Things that Movers can’t Move

A moving company in Toronto or Brampton can make the process of packing and unpacking your items easier. Before you begin packing boxes, it’s important to know which items Brampton movers and Toronto movers are not allowed to transport in their trucks. Moving companies manwithavanedinburgh.uk are prohibited by law from transporting some goods and materials. You might be surprised by some of the items, such as explosives or other dangerous materials.

Live Plants: living plants can carry a risk as they may be infested by insects or fungi. It’s better to move your household plants by yourself if you are moving only a short distance. You can expect your plants to be confiscated if you plan to move from Canada to the U.S.

Foods That Can Spoil Quickly: You should carry anything with the potential of spoiling quickly. Remember that any food that has been opened, regardless of its shelf-life, is perishable. It’s okay to put unopened cereal boxes and canned goods in sealed boxes for the mover.

Animals: Hopefully this is not a surprise, but you shouldn’t expect Fido to be transported in a pet carrier by your moving company. Before moving, plan how you will bring any pets, fish, or reptiles with you.

Important documents: Money, jewelry, and valuables should not be packed in moving vans. Pack your valuables carefully in your vehicle to keep them safe.

Specialty Items: Not all moving companies are capable of handling items such as pool tables, hot tubs and grand pianos. Make sure that the moving company you choose has all of the necessary equipment to load and unload your items safely.

Fuel Powered Equipment This includes motorcycles, lawnmowers and weed-whackers. Fuel-powered equipment can only be moved if it is empty. So drain the tank at least 24 hours prior to moving day.

Hazardous Material: Paint and paint thinners, batteries, aerosols cans and fire extinguishers must be properly disposed before moving. You can search for disposal sites online or contact your local municipality for more information.

Flammable Item: This includes barbeque products like lighter fluid and charcoal. You should dispose of these items in a safe place and then repurchase them once you have set up the barbeque.

Explosives – Anything that can potentially explode cannot be moved by the mover. Primers, propellants and ammunition are all included. Dispose of these items in the appropriate place.

Corrosives includes acids batteries, muriatic or nitric acid or any other acid-containing products (you can find them in pool treatment products). These items should be disposed of before moving.