You can tell if your storage locker is secure by checking the lock

It is possible that your possessions will not fit in a small apartment or a temporary stay at a relative’s house. This is when a many storage units will come in handy. The storage unit will hold your possessions in place until you can make room to store them at home. The majority of storage facilities do not charge over $50 a monthly rental fee for a locker. This is an excellent investment. If you’re looking for a facility to store your items, make sure you check that they will remain safe in the locker. Many storage facilities have different security levels, which is why you should take the time to inspect the lockers you plan on renting. These are some of the ways to tell whether your storage unit is secure.

The On-Site Security Guard

The facility that you choose to rent your lockers from is probably very safe if it has a security guard on-site 24 hours per day. They are there to keep an eye on the place and stop intruders. The presence of guards in the facility will deter thieves from entering.


All secure storage units should be equipped with video cameras that can record 24 hours per day. Owners of storage facilities can review video footage to determine if an intruder has broken into a lock box.

The Coded Gate

You should look for facilities with coded gates. Without a gate code, anyone can enter the building and create problems. Only employees and clients will have access to the facility with a coded door.


Good lighting is essential for a safe facility, both inside and out. A storage unit with good lighting will make it harder for trespassers to enter because they’re afraid of being detected. Also, ensure that all lights are sensitive to motion.


Alarms are provided on each locker in an excellent storage facility. This alarm lets the managers know precisely when each locker in the storage area is opened. In the event that an intruder opens the lockers, this alarm will recognize and identify the opened locker. By taking the time to research the security procedures at any storage facility, you can save yourself frustrations in the long run. A secure locker can lower your chances of losing valuables. Ask someone working at the facility any questions you may have about security.